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We help hundreds of tenants every year find their ideal rental property. We’ll be on hand to help make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

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Local Knowledge

We’ll find your next property to rent.

Professional Staff

Our staff will be on hand to help you through the entire moving process.

Fair Rent/Fees

Our property rents are in accordance with the market value and our fees are the cheapest amongst the market.

Tradesmen on Hand

We work very closely with experts in heating, plumbing, electrical & building work. We will organize everything for you in case of an emergency.

Tenant Fees

Rent in Advance1 Month
Deposit – Which is held for the term of your tenancy and is protected in a government-authorised Deposit Registration SchemeUsually equal to a month’s rent and up to a maximum of 5 weeks rent
Tenancy RenewalFree
Copy of DocumentsFree
Late Rent Fees
Fees will be charged when rent payments are over two weeks late
The fees will be up to 3% plus the Bank of England base interest rate
Changes to Tenancy
If the tenant requests a change to the tenancy – for example, adding a new tenant to the tenancy
Lost KeysIn the event that the tenant loses their key, they must pay the costs that are incurred to have the locks changed and new keys provided

Content Insurance

Although as a tenant, you will not require buildings insurance, it’s still important to protect the contents of your home. You may own furniture, goods, not to mention personal items of financial and sentimental value. Without insurance cover one singular event, such as a fire or flood, could have a detrimental impact on you and your home.

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